Cylinders 3
Cylinder coatingceramic
Drive typebelt
Approx. weight (lbs/kg) 52.5 / 23.8
Pressure (psi max.)700
Suction volume (gpm/lpm)15.8 / 60
Maximum rpm (in/min)950
Required net power (approx) 7 Hp
Can be PTO-driven*yes
Commercial warranty5 yrs
Item number 354134
Illustrated Parts ListMS755 IPL
Owner's ManualMS755 Manual
  • Maruyama’s patented, unique and easy-to-understand UNIFLOW ™ DESIGN ensures that fluid moves in only ONE direction throughout the pump, reducing pulsation and maintaining a constant pressure … for exceptional efficiency of spray and far less erosion of metal parts and easier resealing than the competition
  • Most models are very VERSATILE for drive and suction plumbing mounting …use either side of the pump with a simple change! (MS331, MS415, MS655, MS753A pumps only)
  • LOW maintenance and cost of ownership

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