Maruyama’s Iron 5-Year Commercial Warranty

Please note that Maruyama warranties are only valid on product purchased in the U.S. and Canada. Our commercial warranties are not valid on Latin Market product.

UNMATCHED by Maruyama’s Commercial-Grade Competitors

The IRON 5-YR™ Commercial Warranty program is only available for qualifying Maruyama hand-held equipment and pumps. Warranty service or repair is only available through an Authorized Maruyama Dealer.

Validated purchase and use of MARUYAMA BLUE ULTRA-SHIELD™ 2-cycle oil is required. MARUYAMA BLUE ULTRA-SHIELD™ Must be used for the first 80hrs, or six gallons of fuel, during initial engine break in. After break in period, any JASO-FD rated 2-cycle oil may be used. 

Warranty covers parts replacement and repairs needed due directly to manufacturer defect. Please reference the appropriate warranty statement below:

Big-M Pro-Scape Equipment: (current models BT230L, BH24G, BM240)

Link to warranty statement

Chainsaws: (current model MCV31T, MCV31R)

Link to warranty statement

All other current models:

Link to warranty statement

Skid Sprayers:

Link to warranty statement

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