Why Buy Maruyama?

Our product: extraordinary quality, rugged durability, superior performance. Tools built to work, tools built tough, tools built for you.

Our company: over a hundred years of innovation and manufacturing excellence, an established commitment to the professional user and a commercial warranty you can sink your teeth into . . . the longest in the industry.

The people: service and support you can count on and a professional and knowledgeable dealer network.

If you depend on your equipment day in and day out, you should demand equipment that can deliver extraordinary results day in and day out.

Look for an independent, servicing dealer. Your servicing dealer knows and services real commercial-grade 2-cycle power tools.

Maruyama’s Dealers will:

  • Listen to your needs before advising you on the best equipment for your task.
  • Help you pick the proper accessories.
  • Assemble, set up and test your equipment before you use it.
  • Stand behind the product warranty.
  • Provide a reliable source for accessories, parts and service.
  • Match the equipment to your application.
  • Know what attributes are important to you. Light, quiet, powerful, fuel efficient, low emission, etc.
  • Know what features are necessary in your region based on factors like length of season.
  • Insist on comfort and safety. Whether you or your crew operate the equipment, safety is paramount–comfortable, well balanced and smooth running equipment extends the productivity of your crew–and the life of your equipment investment.
  • Compare value: Cost should not be the only factor. Consider the features, the warranty, and the attributes that effect durability, such as chrome impregnated cylinders or full crank shafts or threaded, solid drive shafts. Consider the effects on productivity due to service related downtime and the effects on the bottom line due to “disposable” equipment.