About Maruyama

We proudly celebrate Maruyama’s 125th anniversary as an industry changing manufacturing company. Maruyama began as a family business manufacturing fire extinguishers in 1895, Japan. The Uchiyama family then started to manufacture manual sprayers in 1918. With their development of the power sprayer in 1933, Maruyama played an important role in disaster control and prevention. They also contributed to food production in the agricultural industry during the post-depression years. For over a century, Maruyama has become a world leading manufacturer of disaster relief and prevention equipment, creating high quality pressure industrial pumps, sprayers and commercial-grade 2-cycle hand held landscape equipment. Maruyama US is now claiming a part of the pest control industry with newly designed, versatile, high-capacity skid sprayers. Maruyama endeavors to meet and exceed life’s obstacles with our commercial grade power equipment and sprayers