MOB42 – Pro

2-cycle engine 4CER420
Displacement (cc)41.5 cc
Approx. Dry weight19 lb / 8.6 kg
Speed (mph / km/h)12.4 mph / 20 km/h
Motocycle style throttleyes
Metal propelleryes
Commercial warranty5 yrs (engine only) / 1 yr (other components)
Fuel mix ratio 50:1
Item number 849186

Maruyama introduces its new 2-cycle, heavy-duty, commercial, 42cc outboard motor which is ideal for recreational use on small boats. This heavy-duty outboard motor is easy to start and very dependable. The last thing you want on your relaxing outing when out on the water is a motor that won’t start. Maruyama delivers the best performance with this compact outboard motor. You can depend on the MOB42-PRO!

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