Trimmers & Brush Cutters

Rugged. Powerful. Extraordinary.

Maruyama Trimmers & Brush Cutters aren’t unique for what they do. They’re unique for how they do it–rugged, dependable, day in and day out, year in and year out. No complaints.

A Maruyama is a tool designed for good old-fashioned roll up your sleeves, commercial-grade use. We don’t skimp or cut corners to save a buck, we don’t overlook the details just because they aren’t obvious. We make our equipment the way you’d want it to be made, rugged and dependable.

Maruyama Commercial-grade Trimmers and Brush Cutters Feature:

  • The Iron 5 commercial warranty. The only 5 year commercial-use warranty in the industry.
  • Genuine Maruyama Power means true commercial-grade engines featuring chrome-impregnated cylinders, dual piston rings and full chrome-moly, bearing-supported crankshafts.
  • Our powerful and efficient EFORCE engine systems are the next generation in emissions compliance.
  • Our rugged solid steel driveshafts are polished and bushing-supported for optimal performance and threaded at the clutch drum for significantly reduced driveshaft wear.
  • Tough structural aluminum outer driveshaft tubes are strong but light.
  • The extreme-duty gearcases are fully enclosed with high-speed ball bearing-supported helical cut gears.
  • No sweat recoil assist starter system available on selected models.

Maruyama’s CER engine class provides incredible clean power and torque at a low weight.

With our patented HERE (High Efficiency Recirculator Engine) low emission technology, these engines meet CARB & EPA standards!

Product Comparison
Displacement (cc)22.522.525.430.2
Approx. Weight (lbs)9.911.812.111.8
Driveshaft Typecurvedstraightstraightstraight
Starter Assist™standardstandardstandardstandard
CARB & EPA Compliantyesyesyesyes
Commercial Warranty5 yrs.5 yrs.5 yrs.5 yrs.
Item No.363611363363363612363613
Illustrated Parts ListBC2321CABC2621CABC3021

Horn-Handle Brush Cutters

Maruyama’s CER engine class provides incredible power and torque at a low weight.

Our HERE™ low emission technology (High Efficiency Recirculator Engine) helps us offer an extreme-duty commercial engine that meets EPA standards.

Our ergonomically designed handlebars are angled and offset on the larger models for excellent comfort and positive grip in any working position.

Product Comparison
Displacement (cc)22.525.430.2
Approx. Weight (lbs)12.813.112.8
Handle Typehornhornhorn
Driveshaft Typestraightstraightstraight
Driveshaft Materialsolid steelsolid steelsolid steel
Starter Assist™standardstandardstandard
Commercial Warranty5 yrs.5 yrs.5 yrs.
Item No.363619363633363590